Poem by Local Poet, Pat Parnell

“And the trumpet shall sound…”

(A Pre-spring Poem with musical accompaniment)

The daffodils
on my kitchen counter
trumpet spring.
Through the frilled flare of their golden bells,
the horns send their wild notes ringing
in tones too high for human ears to hear.

Impulse buy at the grocery, they spread,
released from their rubber band confinement,
into the breathing space of this white china pitcher.
Each bud has room to blossom.

And each new flower adds its own new note
to the floral harmony.
Too early for the vernal equinox,
they flourish their own solar feat,
golden sunlight, 24 hours a day!

If I could hear the singing, would I hear
a Hallelujah chorus?
“Rejoice, rejoice!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
Prepare! Prepare! for Spring!”

Pat Parnell (Feb. 25, 2009)


Vietnam Veterans - The Moving Wall May 30th in Newmarket

The Newmarket American Legion Post 67 invites all to view the wall Leo Landroche Field and experience the healing.

On Veterans Day 1996, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund unveiled a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., designed to travel to communities throughout the United States.

Bringing The Moving Wall home to communities throughout our country allows the souls enshrined on the Memorial to exist, once more, among family and friends in the peace and comfort of familiar surroundings. The traveling exhibit, known as The Moving Wall, allows the many thousands of veterans who have been unable to cope with the prospect of facing The Moving Wall to find the strength and courage to do so within their own communities, thus allowing the healing process to begin.

Supporting Contributions may be mailed directly to:

Rochelle Sharples,

c/o "The Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall,"

American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 67,

151 Main St # 67, Newmarket, NH 03857

Questions please contact Gary Dossett

Phone: 603-659-5530



Newmarket's 4th Annual Mother's Day ArtWalk May 9th and 10th

Join us in the 4th Annual Mother's Day ArtWalk in downtown Newmarket. Stroll through town Saturday and Sunday and drop in to view the local artists' exhibit at Ampers& Gallery where you may enjoy mimosas and pastries from 12 to 3. Pop in for breakfast at one of the local restaurants that will be offering specials in honor of mothers. Look for the art of seacoast artists that will be distributed among the Main Street businesses.

All artisits of all levels are encouraged and welcome to take to the streets and paint plein air.

This painting is of Main Street, Newmarket by Candace R. Stella.


April Poetry Reading tonight in Newmarket, NH at Crackskull's

In downtown Newmarket at Crackskull's Books & Cafe from 7 to 8:45 p.m. is the monthly open mic poetry reading. Sip coffee, peruse the used book selection, take a seat to listen, or sign up to read. Everyone is welcome.
Email Arlon Chaffee
for information.
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