Adelle's Coffeehouse Offers Coffee & Tea to Farmers' Market Goers

Adelle’s Coffeehouse has joined the Newmarket Farmers' Market for the summer, bringing with them various delicacies from the shop.
Adelle’s will feature fair trade and organic coffee selection
s from Seacoast Coffee Roasters, both iced and hot.

A selection of iced and hot tea from White H
eron Tea Company will also be offered such as iced chai from White Heron and fresh-squeezed lemonade. You can fix your coffee or tea the way you like it. The full spread of fixings will be available from equal to raw sugar and cream to soy milk. Adelle’s will also be selling bulk coffee and tea. Adelle’s Coffeehouse is located in Dover. How it came to be: First as an idea of Adam Clark's in 2006. He and wife, Anna, spotted a storefront they thought would be ideal for their future coffee shop. In March of 2008 the space became available. So they called friends Danny Berry and Nova Mullineaux. The four friends formed a partnership and named the coffeehouse after Anna and Adam’s daughter, Adelle.

Over the past year, the four owners have watched with pride as Adelle’s has quickly grown as a part of Dover’s community. The shop was created to fill what the owners felt was a void in Dover: a place to sit with friends, or with your laptop, or a good book, and simply enjoy the atmosphere and feel comfortable. A crowd of regulars soon appeared, and Adelle’s is beginning its second year excited familiar faces and new opportunities.

Anna, Nova and Danny have 20 years of experience between them working with coffee. They were excited and nervous to begin their own venture. Anna brought years of coffee shop experience to the partnership, having done everything from counter work, to farmers’ markets across the seacoast, to baking. She has since become Adelle’s de facto marketing director.

Nova brought her exemplary organizational skills and immediately engaging personality to become the face of the shop. She divides her time between bookkeeping, managerial duties, and her special skill of being immediately open and friendly with the vast array of Adelle’s customers.

Danny brought his skills as a builder, and led the renovations, crafting a beautiful coffee bar that is the centerpiece of the shop. Adam invested extraordinary amounts of time running numbers and putting together a business plan, as well as facilitating all the legalities of starting a new business. Adam contributed years of coffee appreciation and a sharp business mind to the partnership. After some major renovations, coffee tastings, muffin tastings, and tea tastings, Adelle’s Coffeehouse was ready for business in July of 2008.

Market goers at The Stone Church will have the pleasure of choosing tea or coffee to sip as they peruse the market for fresh and organic foods.

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