Big Red and Let's Get Married!! this Saturday at the Farmers' Market

Two bands ~ Big Red and Let's Get Married!! ~ will be performing this Saturday July 18th during the Newmarket Farmers' Market open from 9 to 1 at The Stone Church.

Big Red plays a variety of music from the 1930s to 1960s that, for lack of a more precise label, they call "Retro-Cowboy-Swing." This repertoire draws on the great diversity of styles that made up American popular music through the middle of the last century.

Big Red started in
Lee, New Hampshire in 2005, with pedal steel, guitar, bass and vocals. Since then they have played many concerts, clubs and parties in the Seacoast area and are constantly expanding their repertoire to include jazz, swing, country, pop, folk, and ballads. Email the band for more information.

Let's Get Married!! is a young and energetic band from Dover, New Hampshire. They're influenced by a variety of pop, folk, punk, rock and jazz artists and blend all their interests into expressive, thoughtful songs that are often danceable. They performed a few weeks ago at the market to the delight of market goers. Email the band for more information.

Market goers will have the pleasure of listening to these musical performances as they peruse organic choices, including coffee and pastries, and rest under the awnings with a view of the bands.

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