Gluten Free Baking Mixes this Saturday at the Farmers' Market

Little Bay Baking Company is a guest vendor at this Saturday's July 11th Newmarket Farmers' Market.

This Newmarket bred company produces gluten free casein free products for celiacs and others with a gluten or wheat intolerance by putting the food in a bag (mixes)with tastes like you remember. This was done at the suggestion of Helen Sanders' kids after she had been experimenting with gluten free recipes since the 1980s.

Helen developed her home based business in Newmarket years before moving the business to Dover in November 2008. "The business slowly overtook our entire kitchen, living room and dining room with 500 pounds of flour (in 50 pound bags) stacked up between our dining room and living room and a dozen rolling storage bins filled with more gluten free flours in my den and pantry," says Helen.

Little Bay Baking Company now offers their products in 80 stores throughout New England including Whole Foods. They also sell premade baked goods at Caffe Kilim in Portsmouth and at the Waterfall Café at the Wentworth Douglass Hospital.

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Anonymous said...

I bought two of the mixes - love that they can be cooked on the grill - thanks for being at the market!

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