On Belay - Adventure Support Program for Young People

On Belay is a unique outdoor-adventure based support program for young people living with a loved one’s diagnosis of cancer or other life-changing illness.
e aim of On Belay is to help young people discover their own power to face the extraordinary challenge. This is done by offering fun, interactive, and exciting experiences rooted in adventure learning philosophies aimed at creating community. All activities are designed to help young people enhance their sense of personal power, security, strength, and control.

Belay is an old sailing term meaning to secure, to hold fast. In the world of Adventure Learning (specifically climbing) it refers simply to the use of a rope with a friction system to stop a climber’s potential fall.

On Belay is located in Durham and founded by Crescentia Healy-True, known as a woman of great passion and vision. Her vision was to fulfill an unmet need for healthy young people, who are often the forgotten demographic in the mix of one getting the news that they have a serious disease or illness. The first On Belay program was held on June 5, 2004 at the University of New Hampshire’s Browne Center and served 18 participants. Since then, On Belay has taken place once each Fall and Spring season, serving almost over 150 participants.This organization will be present at the Newmarket Farmers' Market this Saturday August 1st as a guest vendor. Contact Ruth for more information.

The Newmarket Farmers' Market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in The Stone Church parking lot through October 10th. The weekly vendors offer fresh and organic food choices.

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