Sunflour Baking Saturdays at the Newmarket Farmers' Market

In a nutshell, the story of Sunflour Baking:

It all beg
an with a few emails back and forth It among friends more than a year ago. Each of the three of us, Maria Southworth, Nicole Isaak Moore and Roni Slavin Pekins, loved to bake and had years of experience in our own kitchens cooking for our families and friends. We wondered what to do with this passion for baking. So we decided to take it to the next level and enrolled in a professional baking and pastry course this past fall. Each of us completed the course and participated in internships in professional bakeries.

The opportunity to bake for the Newmarket Farmer's Market presented the chance to start a baking business on a small scale and try out our newly acquired talents on the hungry customers of Newmarket.

Our mantra is making fine baked goods from all natural good things.

Our product list will vary from week to week to reflect seasonal changes in local produce starting with rhubarb and ending with apples in the fall. We also hope to keep things interesting by featuring a different muffin, scone, hunk of cake and cupcake each week.
In the few short weeks since we began, we seem to have developed a following for a few particular items - cinnamon "beasts"(our monster cinnamon rolls), SunFlour cookies, grissini and our yummy yeast breads - but have more in our arsenal to produce, so would love to hear feedback from the market goers in order to best reflect what they would like to eat!

Email Sunflour Baking with your feedback.

Here is a sampling of what we'll be bringing to the market:

Variety of breads - hearty grain white, 100% whole wheat, challah, oatmeal molasses and focaccia
Cinnamon "beasts"
- flavor varieties to include almond, mixed berry, apricot and chocolate
Muffins and scones - including rhubarb, lemon poppy seed, dried cherry orange,
Grissini - breadsticks
Biscotti - dried cherry and dark chocolate, cranberry pistachio and white chocolate,
apricot pecan
Various cookies including SunFlour (a decorated sugar cookie), shortbread, chocolate and even a flourless peanut butter
Assortment of luscious cupcakes
and more....

The Newmarket Farmers'Market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Stone Church parking lot through October 10th. The vendors offer a variety of organic products.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely first rate pastries with a delicate buttery touch! The danish are the best I have ever tasted! Elizabeth Dudley, Newmarket Resident

Lorelei said...

The bread is fresh and tasty - we buy challah and whole wheat every week - plus a cinnamon beast and cupcake to eat as we shop the market. Just scrumptious!

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