Fresh Fish Available at Newmarket Farmers' Market on Saturday 8/8

Eastman's Local Fish Catch will be offering fresh fish at the Newmarket Farmers' Market this Saturday August 8th.

Carolyn and Ed Eastman are the owners Eastman's Fish Market in Seabrook. They are a husband and wife team that wanted to do something different in the commercial fishing industry. Carolyn's background is in education for 13 years. She has been an independent consultant for 8 years traveling nationally for the Department of Education. Ed's been a commercial fisherman for close to 25 years.

Putting the two backgrounds together, they began talking about how difficult it is to get local products out to local consumers. They also realized how little the general public knew about what was happening to the fishing industry. The Eastmans say, "Fishermen are not famous for speaking on their own behalf. They are hard working people that want to go fishing and make a living."

If people are looking to provide their family with the freshest food possible and care about the origin of their food, and helping sustain local industry, then consider signing up for Eastman's Local Catch, say Carolyn and Ed.

Eastman's Local Catch community supported fishery (CS
F) is a way for locals to have fresh local fish each week while also helping local fishermen get a better return on their best catch. The fish comes from the catch of a local boat and your weekly share could consist of a variety of haddock, cod, pollock, flounder, monkfish or ocean catfish. The fish are cleaned, filleted and packed on ice at our market in Seabrook Beach and then go directly to a pickup location such as the Newmarket Farmers' Market.

The CSF opportunity offers 1.5 to 2 lbs per week of fresh fish. For weekly or seasonal rates email Carolyn or call at 603-760-7422.

Check here to learn about Green Seafood Guidelines and the Northeast Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA), an organization formed to restore and enhance an enduring marine system supporting a healthy diversity and an abundance of marine life and human uses through a self-organizing and self-governing organization.

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