New Local Food Magazine to be Present at Farmers' Market 8/22

edible White Mountains is a new food publication celebrating New Hampshire’s abundance of local foods. This publication will be produced fours times a year, following the seasonal schedule, with stories about farmers, chefs, and the local food industry.

edible White Mountains encourages readers to consider their food origins. Eating locally helps to sustain the small family farms producing safe, healthy foods with fullness of taste.New Hampshire has long been known for its independence and natural resources. Least known is the bounty of local foods and beverages, grown and produced throughout the state. This magazine will showcase everything from roadside farm stands to award-winning wineries; from community gardens to decadent confections. edible White Mountains serves all ten counties of New Hampshire.

KC is the publisher and editor. Her love of food and cooking began at the age of 13 when she assumed responsibility for family meals. She realized what her family ate had a real impact on their health. So she pursued degrees in Nutrition, with a minor in Journalism. She has spent her career as a food activist working in education, business and healthcare while nurturing respect for the environment and natural resources. KC is passionate about eating locally and promoting sustainable communities. Through her publication, she will connect consumers with growers and food artisans, and act as an advocate for good, affordable food.Barry is the photographer and contributor. He had parents who were role models for good food. He learned to make the ‘perfect’ oatmeal from his father and foraged for wild blueberries with his mother at their summer camp on Bear Island, Lake Winnipesaukee. After college, he went to work for a family dairy, managing a small community store selling milk and cream. He helped to grow the company into a still viable business and a constant outreach in support of community activities.

KC and Barry met when he was a candida
te running for local government and was invited to speak at her Sierra Club chapter meeting. In 1994, they combined their experiences in food and business and opened the Wildberry Bagel Company in New London, NH. The bagels are made from scratch using locally-sourced ingredients. Customers ordered bagels with slices of sun-warmed tomatoes that were grown in the front garden or picked at Spring Ledge Farm.
Feature articles included in the Summer 2009 premier issue are The Real Dirt: New Hampshire's Farmers of Integrity and Hooray for the Red, White & Blueberry Wine.

Recipes such as Chilled Organic Strawberry & Champagne Soup are also included in this issue. edible White Mountains is published four times a year once each season. For more information, contact KC.

Newmarket Farmers'Market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Stone Church parking lot through October 10th. The weekly vendors offer fresh and organic food choices.
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