Local Author & Publishing Company at Farmers' Market Saturday 8/15

PublishingWorks is an independent publishing company located in Exeter. They will be present at the Newmarket Farmers' Market as a guest vendor this Saturday August 15th along with Newmarket author, Brooks Sigler. She will be promoting her new book, Five Finger Fiction, just published by PublishingWorks.

Five Finger Fiction was selected by for their summer reading list. Sigler's book is about Lila O'Farrell who barely has a voice of her own in her large, extended Irish Catholic family. Mother Lynette is a force of nature, something between a flash flood and a frightening televangelist. Lou, her father, is a peeping Tom; her sister is just oblivious.

Lila's scores of cousins and aunts are exhausting. She tries humor, subversion,
and even a British accent. Her kleptomania is the only thing which gives her comfort. Lila takes jewelry, tongue depressors, a friend's brassiere. Breaking the law and casting aside social mores is nothing, though, compared to challenging Lynette Nolan O'Farrell's authority. Lila's not sure she can grow up and move on if Lynette doesn't give her permission. Find out more about this book and speak with the author at the farmers' market.

Books for adults and children on a wide range of topics including food, agriculture, summer reading and hiking will also be offered at the market.

Jeremy Townsend launched PublishingWorks in 2003 as an alternative to traditional small press publishing. They call themselves an independent publisher, because they have all of the benefits of a large house under one roof, but retain the small press accessibility and attention to each project. See their catalog of books.

PublishingWorks also offers a chat room called
PublishersCafe - a unique authors' and readers' on-line coffeehouse where the ups, downs, positives and negatives of writing-related topics and publishing are discussed. For more information call 603-778-9833 or contact Jeremy.

The Newmarket Farmers'Market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in The Stone Church parking lot through October 10th. The weekly vendors offer fresh and organic food choices.

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