Calling for Old Town Photographs - Bring to Bandstand Saturday 9/26

Old Town Photographs
WWI Sadie Nisbet Lavallee, James and Charles Lavallee

A calling for Old Town Photographs is being made by the
Veterans M
emorial Trust Committee in conjunction with the Newmarket Historical Society to encourage a sharing of history.

Members of the society and the trust will be scanning photographs of
old Newmarket during the Heritage Festival this weekend. Residents are asked to bring photographs of not only veterans during the wartime, but also Newmarket scenes of farm, factory, or family life to the bandstand on Saturday September 26th between 10 am and 5 pm.

"History didn't End in 1910...Twenty-Ought Nine, will be history in Time"
Family photographs both past and present are welcome.
The photographs will be scanned, then documented for the archives and immediately returned.

In case of i
nclement weather, the Veterans display and scanning table will be at the old Stone School Historical Society Museum adjacent to the Stone Church.

Any questions regarding this project, please call John Carmichael Monday through Friday after 5 p.m. at 659-3289 or Janice or Wayne Rosa at 659-5398.

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