Ernest Whaley & Tom Hanlon Play Saturday at Farmers' Market 9/5

Ernest Whaley & Tom Hanlon will be performing during the second half of the Newmarket Farmers' Market on Saturday September 5th. Market goers will have the pleasure of hearing their performance from 11:15 to 1 p.m. while shopping for fresh food and visiting with friends and neighbors under the awnings.

Ernest taught himself the guitar. He says this is because he is just not wired to be able to play like everyone else or just too lazy. He writes his own songs and considers himself more of an impressionist songwriter flinging notes against the canvas of the ear. He hosted the Singer Songwriter Showcase at the Stone Church for over a year, and produced the 7.7.07 Concert for Live Earth at the Stone Church.

has performed in a variety of ensembles, including The Long Island Sounds, Vintage, In Their Right Minds, a Classical Guitar duo and trio based out of the New England Conservatory, and recently began gigging out as a folk soloist. He has appeared on WGBH radio, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Isabella Stuart Gardener Museum.
Choose from the list of songs above by hitting the play button arrow and clicking on a song title to hear the music of Ernest and Tom, Newmarket residents. For more information, contact Ernest.

Newmarket Farmers'Market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Stone Church parking lot through October 10th. The weekly vendors offer fresh and organic food choices.

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