Newfields' Own Pastured Chicken at Newmarket Farmers' Market Weekly

Peter Allen of Newfields' Own Produce is a weekly vendor at the Newmarket Farmers' Market offering market goers grass fed pastured chickens and produce. According to Peter, the Newmarket Farmers' Market is the only market in the Seacoast area offering pastured poultry, truly grass fed. Peter's farm is located in Newfields.

His pastured chickens are raised outside in small groups that are protected by large bottomless pens which are moved daily onto new ground. The shelters protect chickens from predators, while allowing exercise, small groupings, fresh air and green forage.

Pastured poultry is the quintessential farming venture that promotes the natural ecological collaboration between man, animal and land - the end result being improved and sustained health for the land, the animal and man.
Pastured chicken offers enhanced soil fertility, and improved human health from this exceptionally nutrient-dense indescribably delicious chicken, says Peter.

This method is also a healthier for the land, with the chicken manure going back into the soil in smaller diversified quantities instead of the massive toxic pools of manure generated at traditional factory-style farms. Of course this process is also extremely humane, allowing the chickens maximum sun and pasture and a fully natural environment from birth to harvest.
Market goers and Peter's customers all find his pastured chicken delicious and lean tasting - vastly different from grocery store chicken. Peter offers chicken subscriptions and he has some turkeys available the end of October. Email Peter or call 603-775-7066 for more information.

He recommends Sally Fallon's cookboo
k - Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.

Joel Salatin's book - Holy Cows and Hog Heaven: The Food Buyer's Guide to Farm Friendly Food is also recommended.

Salatin's book is important for consumers in understanding the difference between industrial and local food. Salatin founded the farm Polyface in Virginia in 1961 - clean meat being of importance. Peter often offers these books for sale at the market at cost.

Food Inc, a film about food found in grocery stores, will be shown at The Music Hall in Portsmouth on September 24th and will include interviews with Salatin and Stonyfield Farm's (organic yogurt) Gary Hirshberg of New Hampshire.

The Newmarket Farmers' Market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Stone Church parking lot through October 10th. The weekly vendors offer fresh and organic food choices.

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Romeo said...

I've worked with Peter in the past while he and his wife have processed their pasture raised chickens for market. Peter takes extra time to process the chickens in a very humane and dignified (for the chicken) manner. Not at all like the corporate chicken farms would do it. Much healthier for the consumer. The chicken does taste much better than what you could buy in the store. And, its all organic.

Lorelei & Dimitri said...

We buy a chicken from Peter every week at the Newmarket Farmers' Market - we brine the chicken for 24 hours then put it on a rotisserie on the grill for a couple hours. Lean and tasty - we haven't bought chicken from the supermarket since Peter's been selling at the market - Thanks, Peter.

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