Photography from School to Career Program in Newmarket Schools

Photography by Newmarket students has been dotted about the town this month in schools, town hall and other public places, and in the art exhibit sponsored by Lamprey Arts & Culture Alliance at Ampers& Gallery.

Students interested in photography as a career took photos of historic district properties throughout town highlighting Newmarket's designation as a site on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.

The School to Career program facilitated the project by obtaining funding from the Hallmark Institute of Photography, the Newmarket Historical Society, and the Boston Educational Network.

This program's purpose is to encourage students to become involved in real life experiences through job shadowing and internships. The experience is meant to assist students in making realistic and well informed decisions about career planning while still in high school.

Mike Puiia, owner of Fine Day Photography, worked with the students in photographing their subjects.

This grant meshed well with the philosophy of School to Career, says Nancy Winterbottom, the program's coordinator. Based on the idea that learning happens in many places and with many people, School to Career makes learning relevant and meaningful in helping students explore careers and acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

For more information, contact Nancy Winterbottom.

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