Local Foods Saturday 11/21 Holiday Newmarket Farmers' Market

The first of the Holiday Newmarket Farmers' Markets opens this Saturday November 21st at the Stone Church from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. offering market goers fresh, local and organic food choices for their holiday and winter meals.

winter selection includes Asian greens, arugula, potatoes, gourmet mushrooms, onions, turnip greens, spinach, goat cheese, garlic, grass fed-antibiotic free beef, fresh locally caught fish, locally harvested oysters, winter squash and wine produced from area varietals and fruit.
The vendors from the 2009 season Newmarket Farmers' Market are ready for the Holiday Farmers' Markets the first being November 21st and the second being December 19th. The market food vendors include Eastman's Local Catch, Healthy Home Harvest, Hickory Nut Farm, Hollister Family Farm, Little Bay Oyster Company, Little Brook Farm, Tuckaway Farm, and Sweet Baby Wine. Click here for vendor contact information.

able centerpieces of real pumpkins and squash plus the traditional centers pieces for the holidays will also be offered to compliment holiday meals. These creations are produced by Maria Millet.

The George Brown Band and the Bob Band will be providing market goers with music inside the Stone Church to shop by. These bands also graced the outdoor Newmarket Farmers' Markets this year with their tunes.
The Newmarket Farmers' Market will be held every third Saturday of the month through March at the Stone Church where fresh and organic food choices are offered. For more information, contact Jill Leavenworth, market coordinator.

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