Newmarket Yoga Instructor, Pilar Redmond, Offers Classes in Homes

Pilar Redmond has been practicing yoga for the past 6 years. Presently a Newmarket resident, she would like to share her knowledge and experience of yoga with her community. Over the years Pilar has found herself practicing yoga at studios from Portland to the Vineyard, in tiny apartments, on mountaintops, in backyards, and on beaches.

Pilar says
yoga has worked her mind, body and spirit, making her a healthier, happier, and more relaxed individual.

Pilar has practiced Ashtanga, Hot Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Kundalini, and Rasamaya. She recently graduated from the 200 hour Rasamaya Teacher Training program at Dover Yoga. She enjoys teaching classes of all levels from beginners to those with a regular practice looking for either a gentle flow or a more rigorous power flow class.
While Pilar enjoys teaching at a studio, she prefers to bring her teaching out of the norm and into living rooms, offices, or any spaces that work. Her hope is to bring yoga to people who can’t make it out to do yoga elsewhere. She is offering options to make it possible for people in many different situations to begin or continue a yoga practice.

in-home classes, only a living room, den, basement, or any space open enough to practice in is neede
d, and a minimum of 5 people committed to a weekly class. However, the maximum would only be limited to space capacity. If fewer than 5 people, contact Pilar for a group rate.

Corporate classes are designed for businesses, schools, and organizations of any size. Only a conference room, cafeteria, or other open space is needed.
A regular yoga practice improves focus and concentration, creates healthier bodies, and healthier minds, leading to improved character and overall well-being, as well as work performance.

Having taught environmental education for the past several years, Pilar hopes to encourage people to make the same kind of connection – to find something that moves their spirit, and to find strength and beauty in what is real and present today.

Pilar’s classes have a lighthearted, casual approach but have a goal of making people stronger, happier, healthier, and more deeply connected to the mind, body, and breath. She focuses on proper alignment, and the use of props and modifications to help each student along their own personal yoga journey.

To start a yoga practice, contact
Pilar for more information at or at 603-303-1014.

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