Club Chameleon Provides Outdoor Adventures for over 300 Teens

Club Chameleon is a Newmarket conceived program bringing kids to the outdoors promoting respect for nature, each other and their community. Today over 300 kids from 10 to 16 years old are participating in this award winning and nationally recognized outdoor adventure club. The Club's focus is to provide an all-inclusive environment for teens ages 10 to 16 with experiences outside of their local surroundings.Each month Club Chameleon runs a different outdoor weekend experience for approximately 20 teens and 10 staff for a 3 day, 2 night adventure. The wilderness adventure's aspect may initially attract new teens to join the program, but the friends they make and the confidence they build on each trip keeps them coming back.

Mountain biking, dog sledding, hiking, snowshoeing and white water river rafting are some of the outdoor adventures these teens experience. The trip coming up this first week in November is a ropes course at the Sargent Center in Hancock.
Club Chameleon has been operating since 2003 as a nonprofit in association with the Newmarket Recreation Department. The philosophy of the Club not only involves providing the experience and the skills learned on outdoor wilderness trips, but to involve participation in community service and social events. Providing opportunities for the kids to interact with positive role models fosters personal growth and self worth. The One on One Mentoring Program gives athletes from the University of New Hampshire an opportunity to mentor Club members.
A new program offered by the Club is Teen Talk Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Community Recreation Center. This discussion evening provides space and time for kids to gather in a group to talk about the stresses of everyday life supervised by a professional counselor.

The Club's teens have found many opportunities to pay it forward through community service projects. They are aware that donations and grants keep the Club active so they eagerly volunteer. They help in setting up festivals, restoring farms, delivering supplies for road races, mentoring in preschools and more.

Although Club Chameleon is a non-profit program run under the Newmarket Recreation umbrella, it is solely responsible for it’s own funding and it is completely run by a staff of volunteers. Sponsorship opportunities on all levels are available. Neighborhood parties, book clubs, golf tournaments and road race non profit sponsorships are ways to raise money to support the Club throughout the year.

Anneliese Fisher, the Club's director, or call her at
659-8581 for more information.

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