Acoustic Open Mic at Crackskull's Tuesday Night with Peg & Cheryl

Join the acoustic open mic this Tuesday night at Crackskulls Coffee and Books from 6:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. where all favorite songs of the season are welcome in this cozy venue.

Peg Chaffee and Cheryl Sager, local musicians of Nice & Naughty, host the acoustic open mic every second Tuesday of the month.  This week they will be performing a sample of their new Christmas cd titled Naughty or Nice?.

This year Nice & Naughty was included on the new Car Talk music cd - Car Talk: Stairway to Heapdom - with their song Bondo Queen. Cheryl wrote this song from her own experience with car repairs and sent it in to the show.

Car Talk played the song on the show and this year included the track on the show's music cd. Car Talk is the national public radio show featuring Click and Clack out of Boston.

For more information about the cds and acoustic open mic, call
Peg at 682-6375 or email Peg and Cheryl here.

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Jill L. said...

THAT is extremely cool. You ladies rock!!

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