Children's Reading Corner at Holiday Farmers' Market Saturday 12/19

Barefoot Books ambassador Heather Beaulieu will be reading to children during the Holiday Newmarket Farmers' Market this Saturday December 19th at the Stone Church.  She will read from a selection of books that explore other cultures, our planet and connections to family and the global community.  View the video above to see the story of Barefoot Books.

"Barefoot Books began with two mothers who wanted their children to have books that would feed the imagination, while instilling a respect for diversity and a love of the planet. Today, we are a world-wide community of writers, artists, storytellers, musicians, and others who are committed to providing timeless stories and captivating art that can help children become happy, engaged members of a global society."
Heather says, "As a mother, a woman and a person, my greatest passion lies in connecting people to the everyday ways that we can be more environmentally responsible and live simpler, more fulfilling lives.  With my own children, I am always seeking out new ways to enrich their playtime, nurture their minds and bodies and make them conscious of there place in the greater world. We enjoy gardening, cooking, chicken-keeping and, of course, reading."

Barefoot Books has partnered with Eco Libris.  They provide a way to balance out books and trees - every book read was once a tree.  For every copy of the book Earth Tales sold by Barefoot Books a tree will be planted.

For more information, email Heather.  Also visit Heather's blog - Simple Butta.

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