Healthy Home Harvest Fresh Produce to Farmers' Market 12/19

They have treated market goers to the scrumptious oyster mushrooms only available at the Newmarket Farmers' Market.  Mushroom lovers and gourmet cooks travel far for the possibility of obtaining these mushrooms.  

Solarorganic greenhouses provide edible winter crops through the colder seasons including varieties of lettuce, endive, arugula, Asian greens, pak choys, herbs, radishes and turnips.  The vegetables are brought to the market in their actual growing trays so market goers may pick and snip on site for ultimate freshness.

Dave O'Connor, also known as Dr. Tomato, and James Cavarretta have combined their knowledge and expertise of New Hampshire agriculture to produce fresh and quality organic produce year round in their greenhouses located in Northwood and Barrington.

Healthy Home Harvest offers a variety of growing products such as seedlings and fertilizer - some of which are found in local stores.  They also produce custom greenhouse kits. 

Healthy Home Harvest has a Facebook page.  Become a fan to receive snippets of information on available greens and mushrooms throughout the winter months. For more information, email or call Dave at 332-6945 or James at 767-1329.

Shop for locally grown food items and regionally created gift items  to grace the holidays at your local market.

The Holiday Newmarket Farmers' Market is this Saturday, December 19th at the Stone Church from 9 to 1.

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