Fleur De Sel the Caviar of Salt at the Newmarket Farmers' Market 1/16

Fleur de Sel or The Flower of Salt will be present only at the next Newmarket Farmers' Market on Saturday January 16th at the Stone Church from 9 to 1.  This gourmet salt is harvested off the French Island of Isle de Re near the city of La Rochelle.  This salt is appreciated for being rich in tradition, taste, iodine and mineral content.

"The earliest English settlers of the seacoast NH region appreciated the value of salt and they knew that the best salt was made by the French.  In the first half of the 17th Century, they enlisted the help of two Frenchman who sailed into the Piscataqua to help local settlers learn the art of harvesting salt from the ocean."

Today Catherine Marchais Erickson brings the centuries-old French tradition of salt making back to seacoast NH with her premium Fleur de Sel or the Flower of Salt known as the caviar of salt, is hand harvested from the Atlantic Ocean by her brother, Mathieu.  Their new company is formed on centuries of tradition and the love for good and healthy food.

Fleur de Sel is still harvested by hand, just as it was done in the middle ages. Outside of picturesque walled seaport villages on the French Island of Isle de Re, a series of pools evaporates seawater until the light and pure white Fleur de Sel floats to the surface. 

The Fleur de Sel is then skimmed off the pool's mirror surface with nets, placed on wooden racks, dried in the sun and made ready for discriminating tastes and tables throughout the world. The sauniers have been guardians of this rare landscape for centuries.  They actively participate in maintaining the natural richness of the salt marshes.

The Fleur de Sel will enhance any dish, from a gourmet specialty to a plate of French fries, says Catherine.  For more information, email here.

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