Green Wedding Giveaway - Prize to be Announced February 10th - Vote

Green Wedding Giveaway is a contest sponsored by Clay Hill Farm in York, Maine that challenges couples on the verge of a major life commitment to explore the parallel of a commitment to each other and a commitment to the earth.  See the video above.

Kevin Hanley and Lisa Sabella won a spot in the top 5 finalists with a photo journal entry about who they are, how they live, what’s important to them, and what they saw and experienced during cross-country travels in their bus powered by recycled vegetable oil. From local food to composting, earth ships to wind turbines, they found all shades of green across the country.  Kevin and Lisa are patrons of the Newmarket Farmers' Market. 

Winners will be decided by popular vote at grand prize winners will be announced on February 10th.
Clay Hill Farm became the first restaurant in the country to be certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary.  This is the second year they have sponsored the Green Wedding Giveaway. 

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