Yankee Fisherman's Coop at Newmarket Farmers' Market 1/16

Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative will be offering fresh shrimp and lobster at the Newmarket Farmers' Market this Saturday January 16th from 9 to 1 at the Stone Church.  This coop was founded in 1990 and consists of over 60 members - ground fishermen (catching cod, Pollock, haddock, flounder, etc.), lobstermen, tuna fishermen and shrimpers. 

Their boats have access to some of the most productive fishing areas in the Gulf of Maine.  These boats are all day boats, leaving in the morning to go fishing and returning to port each evening with their catch to assure fish freshness.  

These Yankee fisherman take pride in their fresh product and they are proud to carry on a New Hampshire commercial fishing tradition that spans back nearly four hundred years.  A fisherman can easily catch up to 7,000 pounds of shrimp in one trip within three miles of the NH coast, according to The Wire article Not So Shrimpy Fish.  However, low worldwide shrimp prices and the availability of preprocessed shrimp from Canada make it difficult for local fishermen to compete. 

This year the fisherman are using new gear technology developed by Pingguo He of the UNH Cooperative Extension to sort the shrimp. This dual-grate system first directs the shrimp through the new size-sorting grid allowing smaller shrimp to stay in the water and continue reproducing for another year and then the count per pound is reduced eliminating any by catch - allowing them to catch larger, and more desirable shrimp.  Up to 15 active NH fishing vessels have been using this new gear since December.

Check out the shrimp subscription program.  Here are some shrimp recipes and instructions on how to peel and prepare fresh shrimp.  For more information, email here or call 603-474-9850.

Support the New Hampshire fishing industry by buying local and fresh at this Saturday's Newmarket Farmers' Market.

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