Shrimp Workshop at UNH on 2/10 - Learn to Cook, Peel & Store

Learn how to cook, peel and store northern shrimp at the Shrimp Local, Eat Local Workshop on Wednesday, February 10th, from 6 to 8 p.m. for $10. Chefs from the culinary program at the University of New Hampshire Thompson School Culinary Arts Program will be demonstrating how to prepare locally caught shrimp in several different ways.  

Those attending this event will also have the pleasure of tasting these prepared shrimp, and returning home with recipes and educational materials.  To register for this shrimp event, click here.  For more information, contact Ken La Valley at 603-862-4343 or email Ken:

Newmarket Farmers' Market goers had the opportunity at January's market to buy shrimp from the Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative.  Five neighbors each bought five or ten pound bags of shrimp then brought their prepared shrimp to a Shrimp Throwdown party to taste each recipe.

Market patron,  Heather Beaulieu, writes about Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative on her blog, Simple Butta, where she describes her adventure preparing fresh, local shrimp with her family after attending the market.  

"Ten pound bags of shrimp for $16.99? Should I tell these poor kids that they messed up their sign and are about to get robbed? My curiosity peeked, I approached their set up and asked if that was truly the price? Shocker! Yes! The yard saley, cheapskate in me asked "So after they are cleaned, about how much shrimp meat is that?" Half, was the answer. So we are looking at $3.39 per pound of edible shrimp. Not just edible, but local. Not the kind that looks really good in the seafood case, but makes you feel queasy when you think about the "Farm Raised" conditions they came from in Thailand."

To show interest for the opportunity to buy local shrimp at the Newmarket Farmers' Market in February, click here

For more information, email Jill Leavenworth, market coordinator.

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