LACA Opening 2010 Exhibit Friday 2/12 Featuring Holly O. Harris


Transitions: a retrospective is an art exhibit open for public viewing in downtown Newmarket. 

Lamprey Arts & Culture Alliance (LACA) is hosting the opening of the exhibit of local artist Holly O. Harris this Friday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. at Ampers& Studio.

From a hand-carved chess set, to pewter flatware, to a cast cement paver, to a soft sculpture installation, Transitions is a diverse collection of Holly's artistic creations. 
“I have always been interested in design and beautiful functionality,“ says Holly. “I believe in integrating art into our daily lives. For this reason, the bulk of my work is multi-dimensional.”
Holly cites Nature aher greatest source of inspiration, with “its awe-inspiring beauty, design, complexities, seduction, similarities and repetitions throughout the natural world. As both a landscape designer and artistic floral arranger, Holly feels the need to be constantly in touch with the natural world. “I make a point of having flowers and plants around me constantly. I play with the idea of transitions between the man made and natural worlds.
Her exhibit runs through March 4 and, in addition to the opening night celebration on February 12th, and is open to the public on Tuesday through Thursday afternoons, from 2-6 p.m. each day.  For more information, contact Kim Foss, LACA board member and gallery owner, at 659-6823.

The studio is located across the street from the Newmarket Post Office in the historic mill building at 125 Main Street (Rivermoor Landing Condominium, lower level), in the heart of downtown Newmarket.

LACA is a private, member-supported, volunteer non-profit organization, whose purpose is to support the arts, culture and heritage of Newmarket and its surrounding communities.

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