Red Rover Coffee at Newmarket Farmers' Market February 20th

Red Rover Coffee Roasting is a small-batch microroaster offering fresh, roast-to-order specialty whole bean coffees to the Seacoast. This local company will be present at the Newmarket Farmers' Market on Saturday, February 20th offering samples of brewed coffee and selling coffee by the pound. 

Stefan Borowicz and business partner Paul Scott started Red Rover Coffee Roasting last year.  Their raw product is grown in exotic locales all over the world and roasted at the Mills at Salmon Falls in RollinsfordRed Rover keeps only enough roasted coffee on hand to sell at local independent markets, farmer’s markets, and similar venues in order to maintain freshness and quality control.

"Our commitment to quality and sustainability begins with sourcing top quality coffees with traceable origins or stories rather than only relying on fair trade or organic certification. We then roast-to-order and mark each bag with a roast date to ensure you’re getting the freshest coffee available."
As in the game Red Rover, "the ultimate goal of Red Rover Coffee Roasting is for one long super-chain to be formed, thereby creating a symbiotic relationship amongst all the players. Ultimately, there are no losers in Red Rover because a communal whole greater than the sum of its parts has been created…”
"This is our whimsical way of saying this is how we look at coffee. We take our place in this chain very seriously, and hope that as you enjoy our freshly roasted coffee you might pause and think about the hard working people who grow and harvest it. We pay well above market prices for our coffee and work towards ensuring the farmers get paid above market prices as well."   

Coffee is a versatile beverage with a substantially more complex taste profile than even wine. Find out the eight secrets to making great tasting coffeeMost people have never tasted the unique and sometimes surprising flavors locked in a great coffee, according to Red Rover.  Learn why - click here.

Check them out on facebook and twitter.  See the article in Fosters Daily Democrat.

The Newmarket Farmers' Market is held at the Stone Church from 9 to 1 and is now the first year round market in New Hampshire.  For more information about the farmers market, contact Jill Leavenworth, market coordinator.

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