Educational Talk on Growing a Garden Thursday 3/25 at Town Hall

Growing a Bountiful Garden is the topic of Thursday's educational talk at the Newmarket Town Hall at 7 p.m. where all are welcome to attend. The basics of growing a vegetable garden and will be presented by guest speaker Carl Deame of the University of New Hampshire Master Gardeners.

How to grow great vegetables in Southern New Hampshire, including soil preparation, selecting seeds and plants, fertilizing, watering, disease and pest control, and how to harvest and store the delectable results will all be covered in this lecture.
This event is offered by the Newmarket Gardeners. Donations are accepted. For more information, call (603)659-0216.

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Evolution of Rug Hooking at Stone School Museum Monday Night 3/22

A lecture on the Evolution of Rug Hooking: A History of Rug Hooking in the New England Area will be presented tomorrow night, Monday, March 22nd, by Kathy Spellacy at the Stone School Museum at 7 p.m.  This lecture is free and open to the public.

Kathy will speak about “primitive hooking” which came before the traditional hooking. Men and women used worn out clothing like denim, cotton, wool, twine, and burlap to make rugs.  Color planning was never an issue because people would use only what they had.  Kathy will bring a couple of lap frames so several people will be able to give rug hooking a try.  

Kathy has many years of experience with rug hooking, quilting and needlework. For additional , information visit her shop at Wool & Goods in Rollinsford or call (603) 834-6583.  
The Newmarket Historical Society meets on the fourth Monday of the month,  March through October at 7 p.m at the Stone School Museum. An informative lecture is scheduled every month.  All meetings are free and open to the public.  
The photograph above shows the Independence Day Parade in 1910 downtown Newmarket.

The Stone School Museum is located high upon Zion’s Hill (Granite St.), and is open every Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. June through August, or by appointment.
For more information,call 603-659-7420 or 603-247-3375 and leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. View the 2010 Historical Society events here

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Newmarket Farmers' Market Special Features Saturday March 20th

Special features at the Newmarket Farmers' Market tomorrow at the Stone Church are Green Gold, music of Sam Southworth and Project Laundry List.
Green Gold was formulated 32 years ago in response to skin irritations when Sharon Cloud had her middle daughter Iris.  She did some research and came up with the formula comprised of comfrey leaves and root, calendula, plantain, goldenseal, and beeswax in a base of olive oil.  This combination produced a salve good for any kind of rash, burns, wounds, scratches, chapped skin and a wonderful moisturizer, says Sharon.  The formula is the same as the day Sharon made her first 6 jars. She currently supplies the The Portsmouth Health Food store, Rising Tide and Blue Moon market with Green Gold. For more information, email Sharon.
Sam Southworth and Friends will be giving market goers a musical treat.  He is assembling a Brechtian cabaret for the amusement of market goers on March 20th. Some Commedia del Arte, and a few sock puppets, Ionesco and Beckett, some Jarry and Baudelaire, absinthe, Harpo Marx and Al Jolson, marionettes and Punch & Judy--you know, the usual.  It'll be a little like Paris in the 20s, and Berlin before they got all sinister and'll be like Newmarket just before the world ended in 2012.  Sam has played at the market on other occasions with the band Codfish Aristocracy.  For more information, email Sam here.
Project Laundry List is a non profit dedicated to making air-drying and cold-water washing laundry acceptable and desirable as simple and effective ways to save energy.  Some of the organization's principles include the following: the sun is the most powerful nuclear reactor and can serve many purposes—none of which should be ignored, all citizens nation-wide should have the legal right to hang out their laundry, North Americans-as all people, must lead by example and frugality or thrift needs to be a universally practiced virtue.  Information about Project Laundry List will be available at the market tomorrow. The main office is located in Concord, NH.  For more information, email Project Laundry List here.


The Soup Guy at Saturday's Newmarket Farmers' Market 3/20

Tasty soups from the The Soup Guy will be offered to Newmarket Farmers' Market patrons this Saturday March 20th at the Stone Church from 9 to 1The Soup Guy is Curtis Gould who is both the owner and chef.  

He creates these delicious soups for the markets: New Hampshire Bison, Black Bean and Vegetable Chili * Malaysian Carrot, Sweet Potato and Roasted Spice Soup * Twisted Emerald Isle P'tattie and Leek Soup. 
"Whenever possible the soups are sourced using ingredients I buy from local farmers in the seacoast area of New Hampshire and southern Maine. If I can’t get it around here, I then look to other farms in the New England region. I always try to use certified organic vegetables, but when they are not “certified organic”, I'll use “all natural” produce that is grown without the use commercial fertilizers and pesticides. Every batch of vegetable broth I make is made with organic or all natural vegetables and all my chicken broths are organic as well," says Curtis.

"After high school my life took an interesting and unconventional turn when I decided to go to India and live in an Ashram (that’s a whole different story)! While there, I was assigned with a few other monks to the kitchen where I became one of the Ashram cooks. It was there that I learned how to cook vegetarian food for 80 people at a time! And of course, my specialty became making soups.
"And here I am, all these many years later and I’m still making soups! Usually on Sunday’s (especially during the NFL season), my home will fill up with all these amazing aromas and I’ll invite a few friends over and we’ll sit around watching football games enjoying nice big hearty bowls of soup! 

"Well one day not so long ago, during one of these NFL Sunday soup extravaganzas, I had the idea of turning this passion of mine, into a business…and that is when the idea for a soup making  business came to me! Since a bunch of my friends happened to sitting around right there during this important moment of inspiration, I asked them what might be a good name for my new business...well, the rest is history!

Come back to soup, the original comfort food.

Curtis will be at both the March and April markets.  For more information, email Curtis or call 801-2957.


Young Farmers' Market Vendor Brings Awareness to Global Water Project at this Saturday's Market

"I am part of The Hollister Family Farm, where we are capable of growing vegetables for people, like you, who can come to buy them.  Unfortunately there are people in the world who can’t provide themselves with proper food; therefore about 1.1 billion go to bed hungry at night.  As part of a school project, I am trying to raise money for the Chapin Living Waters Foundation," says Stephanie Hollister

This Saturday, March 20th, Stephanie, known as the Hollister daughter and flower cultivator, will be present at the Newmarket Farmers' Market.

She will be providing information about the global water condition and accepting donations for Bucket Kits to assist needy families in growing their food through the Chapin Living Waters Foundation. See the video above.
"This foundation supplies less fortunate families all over the world with irrigation systems to help them produce their own food. One kit costs about $10.00 to assemble. One kit can help a family of 3-4 people. I am looking for donations from the public. All donations are welcome. One dollar can bring me one step closer to save one family from going hungry at night," says Stephanie.

Chapin Living Waters Foundation exists to help poor people in third world countries grow vegetables when there is insufficient rain.They offer simple, sustainable technologies like drip irrigation with the use of Bucket Kits for subsistence farming, bringing hope to the poorest people in over 150 countries and the opportunity to solve their own problems. 

Market patrons may donate at the market, contact Stephanie or donate at the foundation website.  

All freshman in the Oyster River School District must do a "Power of One" project as a component of the World Cultures class.

The Hollister Family Farm graced the NFM with their offerings of fresh produce and cut flowers during the market's first season and will be returning for the second.

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Free Movie this Saturday at the Newmarket Public Library 3/13

The Girls Scouts Anime Interest Group 11194 is showing a free film rated PG at the Newmarket Public Library on Saturday, March 13th, at 1:30 p.m.  Bring the family over to the library where seating begins at 1:00 p.m. for this free movie event open to all.

This movie debuted in 1999 and was the first in a series of what could be considered most American kids' introduction to Japanese anime.

For information on the film being shown, click here on Newmarket Public Library or call at 659-5311.  As a service project, the Girl Scout Interest Group will be selecting something suitable for most audiences to view every month.
This movie program is made possible by the generous donation of the Newmarket Business Association to the Newmarket Public Library.  The money was used to purchase audio visual equipment for the movie programs. 

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Steven Cooper Wins Poetry Out Loud Contest at Newmarket High

Steven Cooper won the 4th Annual Poetry Out Loud Contest at Newmarket High School.  He will represent Newmarket High School at the East Regional Semi-Finals today, March 8, at Southern NH University in Walker Auditorium.  He will be required to recite three different poems from memory.
On February 18th,  14 high school students participated in the recitation contest sponsored in part by the NH State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.  All 14 students gave impressive recitations and final scores were very close, says Pam Caswell. 

Steven Cooper is a junior, and he placed first with his recitation of  “Dreamers,” by Siegfried Sassoon.  
A senior, Robert Mantagani, placed second, with his recitation of Whitman's "O Captain! My Captain!”.  

Third place went to freshman Eddie Phimansone, who recited “The Man He Killed,” by Thomas Hardy

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