The Soup Guy at Saturday's Newmarket Farmers' Market 3/20

Tasty soups from the The Soup Guy will be offered to Newmarket Farmers' Market patrons this Saturday March 20th at the Stone Church from 9 to 1The Soup Guy is Curtis Gould who is both the owner and chef.  

He creates these delicious soups for the markets: New Hampshire Bison, Black Bean and Vegetable Chili * Malaysian Carrot, Sweet Potato and Roasted Spice Soup * Twisted Emerald Isle P'tattie and Leek Soup. 
"Whenever possible the soups are sourced using ingredients I buy from local farmers in the seacoast area of New Hampshire and southern Maine. If I can’t get it around here, I then look to other farms in the New England region. I always try to use certified organic vegetables, but when they are not “certified organic”, I'll use “all natural” produce that is grown without the use commercial fertilizers and pesticides. Every batch of vegetable broth I make is made with organic or all natural vegetables and all my chicken broths are organic as well," says Curtis.

"After high school my life took an interesting and unconventional turn when I decided to go to India and live in an Ashram (that’s a whole different story)! While there, I was assigned with a few other monks to the kitchen where I became one of the Ashram cooks. It was there that I learned how to cook vegetarian food for 80 people at a time! And of course, my specialty became making soups.
"And here I am, all these many years later and I’m still making soups! Usually on Sunday’s (especially during the NFL season), my home will fill up with all these amazing aromas and I’ll invite a few friends over and we’ll sit around watching football games enjoying nice big hearty bowls of soup! 

"Well one day not so long ago, during one of these NFL Sunday soup extravaganzas, I had the idea of turning this passion of mine, into a business…and that is when the idea for a soup making  business came to me! Since a bunch of my friends happened to sitting around right there during this important moment of inspiration, I asked them what might be a good name for my new business...well, the rest is history!

Come back to soup, the original comfort food.

Curtis will be at both the March and April markets.  For more information, email Curtis or call 801-2957.

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