Young Farmers' Market Vendor Brings Awareness to Global Water Project at this Saturday's Market

"I am part of The Hollister Family Farm, where we are capable of growing vegetables for people, like you, who can come to buy them.  Unfortunately there are people in the world who can’t provide themselves with proper food; therefore about 1.1 billion go to bed hungry at night.  As part of a school project, I am trying to raise money for the Chapin Living Waters Foundation," says Stephanie Hollister

This Saturday, March 20th, Stephanie, known as the Hollister daughter and flower cultivator, will be present at the Newmarket Farmers' Market.

She will be providing information about the global water condition and accepting donations for Bucket Kits to assist needy families in growing their food through the Chapin Living Waters Foundation. See the video above.
"This foundation supplies less fortunate families all over the world with irrigation systems to help them produce their own food. One kit costs about $10.00 to assemble. One kit can help a family of 3-4 people. I am looking for donations from the public. All donations are welcome. One dollar can bring me one step closer to save one family from going hungry at night," says Stephanie.

Chapin Living Waters Foundation exists to help poor people in third world countries grow vegetables when there is insufficient rain.They offer simple, sustainable technologies like drip irrigation with the use of Bucket Kits for subsistence farming, bringing hope to the poorest people in over 150 countries and the opportunity to solve their own problems. 

Market patrons may donate at the market, contact Stephanie or donate at the foundation website.  

All freshman in the Oyster River School District must do a "Power of One" project as a component of the World Cultures class.

The Hollister Family Farm graced the NFM with their offerings of fresh produce and cut flowers during the market's first season and will be returning for the second.

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