Grand Opening of New England Footwear Factory Outlet Friday 4/16

The New England Footwear Factory Outlet is holding a Grand Opening this Friday April 16th from 4 to 7 p.m. in the newly renovated space in the Mill Building at 55 Main Street in suite 281.  All are welcome to try on the shoes and admire the space.

New England Footwear was established to disrupt the market by leveraging innovation, challenging conventional thinking and meeting real human needs in non-obvious ways.  See the video above.
This company was founded by “product guys” and “shoe dogs”, with roots that began at Nike during the formative years of the performance footwear industry.  The brand is GoLite.  Their process begins with consumer observations. "We observe with our eyes, capture consumer needs with high speed film, analyze our data with state of the art equipment and base all of our conclusions in facts, not myths."
"Once we know the facts, and have identified real human needs, we create a problem statement that boils consumer needs down to the one most important problem we must find a solution to. We believe a problem well stated is often a problem half solved.

"We brainstorm and mock up solutions, and then test our concepts to see if they solve the problem. Once we have a solution in concept form, we can apply it to real shoes and deliver them to you."

For more information, email here.

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Kim Clark said...

Thank you to all who were able to join us. The NEF factory outlet will open this week. Our regular hours will be Wednesday 12-6, Thursday 12-7, and Friday 12-6.
Thank you!!!!!!

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