Fresh Bagels at the Newmarket Farmers' Market Saturday May 22nd

Michael's fresh bagels debuted at the Newmarket Farmers' Market last Saturday with market goers commenting they were the best they have ever tasted.  So these yummy bagels are returning this Saturday May 22 to the market a the Stone Church from 9 to 1.

Michael Friedman is 27 and lives in Brentwood, NH. He is originally from Baltimore, MD. He started making bagels in the summer of 2009, mostly because he says "I love bagels and hadn't had a great one since I moved to New Hampshire in June 2009."

Michael says his first few attempts were promising, but they were not great. Over the next few months he perfected his recipe and technique. 
"What distiguishes my bagels from your average grocery store bagel is the cooking process. Authentic bagels are boiled and then baked. Other unique features of my bagels: they are formed and shaped by hand, they do not suffer from the super-sized craze, and they are best eaten within about 8 hours of coming out of the oven (the sooner the better)."

If fresh bagels aren't eaten the day they are made they should be sliced in half, placed in a plastic bag and frozen. To eat the left over bagels simply put them directly from the freezer into the toaster.

Michael lives with his fiancĂ©e, Stacy Blunt, who assists him in the kitchen and at the market, and their dog, Toby, and cat, Gus.

For more information about Michael's bagels, email Michael here.

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Mike your bagels are really good

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