South Brook Farm at Newmarket Farmers Market Saturday 7/24

New to the Newmarket Farmers Market is South Brook Farm of Greenland offering eggs from free range poultry, farm grown vegetables and farm raised lamb to market goers this Saturday from 9 to 1Eric and Kellye Berg decided several years ago to have more control over the food they consumed as a family so they became involved in their own food production.

The Bergs originally relied on the book The Vegetable Gardener’s BIBLE by Edward C Smith.  Over time, they learned about companion planting to reduce the need of chemical pesticides, and composting farming waste to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.  "What we found happening was a nice harmony between raising animals and vegetables."

"We began with the purchase of 6 chicks from the feed store and now are raising pork lamb and poultry and vegetable in abundance!"
This year they made a commitment to winter farming and will be raising meat and eggs year round, offering surplus at a farmers market. They consider themselves micro farmers producing plenty in a small space with the utilization of some organic farming concepts. "Hopefully with this boutique farming we can offer a very nice product."

"We raise both Southdown and Katahdin sheep. They are mainly pasture raised with a small amount of grain as a food supplement. We’ve just purchased 3 fully organic foundation ewes to begin our Katahdin flock and look forward to following in the footstep of the breeder we’ve purchased them from.
"Our flock of hens mainly consist of the heritage New Hampshire breed for it dual purpose qualities.  They range on a half acre of grass with access to shelter and space. They are excellent layers and yet carry good meat qualities for a natural bird. Our goal is to have a flock that is reproducing in a natural setting as the hens are encouraged to hatch out and raise their young.

"This year we’ve decided to add a new breed to the farm. With the purchase of French Wheaton Marans we hope to add some fun and interest in the egg colors that we be available for purchase early next spring. Our vegetable gardens incorporate the use of farm created compost and companion planting. Everything on our farm is raised under the philosophy of being good stewards to our animals and land. We feed our animals healthy diets and give them lots of green space to grow and thrive."

For more information on South Brook Farm, email the Bergs or call them at 603-591-3584.

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