Tim Gurshin at Newmarket Farmers' Market Saturday 8/21

Tim Gurshin will be performing at the Newmarket Farmers Market this Saturday morning August 21st from 9 to 11.  Market patrons will be treated to the sounds of this accomplished singer, songwriter and acoustical guitarist who has recorded four cds with Songs Along the Highway being his most recent recording in 2010.  Tim has performed solo for many years throughout New England and in Nashville.  

"I have been working at writing songs ever since I can remember trying to figure out how a radio worked.  It is a never ending quest to catch magic," says Tim.  "My songs are based on lyrics with impact delivered by compelling music in the tradition of Kris Kritofferson, Tim Hardin and Bob Dylan.  Lyrically, my songs often deal with both struggle and perserverance and the inevitable ambiguity of any move you make.  Musically, I strive to create a solid melody and get it across with passion, while making it at least appear to be simple."

Tim plays the guitar in a variety of tunings, flatpick and finger style, and he often adds melodic or blues style harmonica.  See Tim in perform Three Women at the Tupelo Music Hall in the video below.
Two documentary films have featured his music, one being the movie Mayflower.  Tim wrote and performed the theme song for this documentary about student anti-war activities on the campus of the University of New Hampshire in 1970.

Tim's upcoming performances include Hermanos on August 28th in Concord, NH and the Keene Music Festival on September 4th.  Email Tim Gurshin for more information.

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